Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Blog!

As you have probably noticed, I rarely even update this blog anymore. So, if you are looking for daily interesting facts, I would recommend my other blog called The Legacies of Shakespeare. The blog, as you can probably tell, is all about Shakespeare. It's really great. I update almost everyday, with very interesting Shakespearean facts. The blog is awesome! I would really appreciate it if you check it out. It will help boost up your grades for LA (no, not Los Angeles, LA stands for Language Arts!) and drama/music/performing arts. And besides, it's definitely not boring and toneless. The posts are filled with very sarcastic and snarky comments by Yours Truly to yank up the excitement. The Legacies of Shakespeare is a blog that you will definitely come to love and make you an immediate Shakespeare fan! So please check my new blog out and comment! Nice comments, please! No rude ones! Thanks!

Here's the address:

Please check it out!


  1. Hey you should post the link to your new blog so I can read it!

    1. Mr. Holt,
      How are you in Qatar?
      Here's the address: